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Harley Davidson FLH ELECTRAGLIDE 1200 for sale - advert ref: 00031875
Harley Davidson FLH ELECTRAGLIDE 1200 photo

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Advert details: 1967 Harley Davidson FLH Electraglide. This is an extremely special and hard to find original paint bike. Everything is original! The only items that have been replaced are the tires. The motor has never been touched. The previous owner bought it in 1980, (because all of his buddies had harleys back then) but instead of riding with it with his friends, he parked it in his garage and that's where it sat covered and untouched for the next 36 years! All of the basic, necessary maintenance has been performed. All of the electrics function properly. Engine runs beautifully, the bike runs beautifully. This motorcycle is registered, insured and titled in my name. selling for $12,500.
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Asking price: 12500 US Dollars 
Contact name: Ron 
Location: Richmond, Virginia  
Telephone: Provided - but only available to lookup account holders [Please click here to get an account
Last update: 24 Aug 17:06    

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