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Norton COMMANDO 0 for sale - advert ref: 00031883
Norton COMMANDO 0 photo

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Advert details: 1975 Norton Commando Roadster Electric Start MKIII. 24K on odometer. Mostly original. Good engine, good frame, good trans, good tires, no leaks. Original John Player Red, White and Blue paint on fuel tank is still good. Twin Amal 932 carbs, disc brakes front and rear, gear shift on left, rear brake on right (where they should be).Upgrades: Sealed wheel bearings, front and rear. Lucas-Rita electronic ignition. Slightly larger rear tire, (WM3 18" rim). Stainless Steel spokes. K&N air filter. Reverse cone "peashooter" mufflers. Workshop Service and Riders manuals, and other spare parts and tools, all included. I've owned this Commando for 25 years. It starts, idols, runs and rides very well.
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Asking price: 7000 US Dollars 
Contact name: Tim 
Location: Miami, Florida  
Last update: 06 Oct 22:55    

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