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BMW R60/2 595 photo
BMW R60/2 595 photo
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add more bike advert pics

add more bike advert pics

Latest details for advert: 00031833 [Edit advert]

Advert details: 1968 BMW R60/2 IN GREAT original condition. EXCEPT FOR THE EXHAUST, IT APPEARS TO BE STOCK AND ORIGINAL. STARTS ON ONE KICK and runs and drives good, NO KNOWN ISSUES. New tires have been installed. I have the title in hand and ready to be signed over to the new owner. Nice tool kit with BMW Towel and patch kit. ORIGINAL key for steering and tank lock, SIGNAL LIGHTS, CHROME RIMS HAVE AN AREA OF BLISTERING. THERE ARE SOME EXTRA HOLES IN REAR FENDER FROM A PAST LUGGAGE RACK. NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR FOR THIS AGE BIKE. OVERALL IT'S IN GREAT SHAPE WITH BEAUTIFUL PAINT AND NICE CHROME.
Ref. No. 00031833    
Total views: 2726

Advert type: Private sale 
Asking price: $7000 (no offers)  
Contact name: David Gravlin 
Location: Foley, Alabama  
Last update: 07 Aug 04:01  

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