Thanks to everyone who has left feedback. This is a tiny selection of what we have received in our 7 years.

Sold really quick good service will use again. Much better than e-bay - Alison, Pembrokeshire

I love this website - I sold my bike on here in 3 days - Joshua, Montrose MI

Absolutely perfect, received emails and calls re the bike, sent a few more pics and sold it straight away. The buyer even sent me the money before he'd seen the bike. This has got to be the future. You haven't got a site for motorhomes have you? - Jonathan, West Midlands 

Thank you for providing this free advert service. Although I only received 1 response, this resulted in a sale of the bike. Previously the ad was placed with bike trader without any response at all. Great service. Thank you again. - Sue, Yorkshire

Bike exchange is the best way to sell your bike because its easy and fast to place an add!!! I will defiantly use bike exchange when I sell a next bike or when I will buy a next bike. Thanx for helping me to sell my bike!!! THANX!!! - Edris, London

Did not expect so many replies so quickly. Bike sold by 10am following day
Thank you - Kathy, Dorset

Thanks for an excellent site!! Bought my bike from an Ad placed on here; have spread the news to all my biker buddies about this cool site!! - Adam, Notts

While advertising my bike for sale on the net I visited MANY sites and yours had one of the best user friendly layouts! Also, not all sites warned against fraud emails - I receive about three of these per day - and would not have known their nature had it not been for such warnings! - Natasha,

Cheers lads my bike sold within 3 days. Ace service. - Matt, Worcestershire 

Great free add service I won't hesitate to re-use in the future! - Scott, Hayes 

Friends suggested they got great deals on quad and scramble bikes I hope for a good deal as well. (just started looking.) - Toby, Broadstone

Cheers for all the help on selling this bike, by far the best place to advertise any bike. Keep up the good work! 
- Tom, Sidmouth

Thanks very much, had a phone call yesterday from Clare in Hastings, and she and her boyfriend came and fetched the bike today. What a result, 1 call and a sale. - Neil, Shropshire

I'm glad I've actually found a site that can help me without all the messing about with
adverts popping up all over the place. Brill site , keep it up. - Daz, Wolverhampton

This web site rules!! I found my last 2 quads on it - Dean, Cumbria

Thank you, bike sold to someone who really wanted the bike to restore. I don't use the
bike any more but it is nice to know that it will be used and loved! - Amanda

I'm new to site, great offer of free adverts, lots to view. Thanks - keep up the great job - Dave, Crewe

May I take this opportunity to praise and thank you for the effort that has been put into
producing this site. Keep it up! - Jon, Sussex

I don't think there is any thing that you could do to make this site any better - it's the best I
have been on -  Shane, Northants

This is an awesome site...I'm really glad that I found helps out trying to sell stuff!!! THANKS
- Justin, Owosso MI

Thanks again for your time and for this great resource. I've spent a lot of time surfing for a project
bike and I've visited many sites. Yours is by far the best - Martin

Bike-Exchange has worked well for me in the past and I would recommend to others to look there first for any thing to do with bikes. GOOD SITE WELL DONE -  Carl, Essex

I find this site very easy to use and I had a lot of feedback. I'd like to thank u all - if it wasn't for
this site my bike would still be in bits in the shed lol thanx again ...Shane from Shropshire

This is a good, down to earth, honest site as it doesn't try to bullshit you. Well done lads. Christian - West Sussex


I'd forgot that I had put my bikes for sale on your site but within a week I had a buyer which was the first to ring. Since then I have had another 5 calls. So good site - worked very well for me, so thank you for use of your site and may it carry on to please many other people. Carl - UK

Nice simple, slick site that comes top of the heap in Google. - George, Wales

Sold to first enquirer after two days! Thank you! Absolutely first class. - Maurice UK

This site is great! It is easy to follow, and has provided me everything that I need. I have looked all over, and this is the best site I have found. If you want a motorcycle, this is where you come to find it!  - John   USA

First time visitor to your site, impressed how easy I found it to use, I will be back!  - Graham, Hampshire

Sold the bike first day it went in - Howard UK

This looks like a great and well composed site. shall add to my favourites straight away. - Peter, Oxfordshire

Very good site layout!!!!  - Danielle   USA

It's perfect. I can't believe how easy it is. Thanks. -  Darlene  USA

Very good site, it is nice to see a site that is free and easy to use!!  -  Kevin  UK

You are doing a mint job  -  Matthew, Bradford

Perfect website. Easy to navigate around.  -   Ian  Australia

Very good content in this site, much impressed.............   -  Stuart, Worcester

 I think your site was extremely helpful, keep up the good work.  -  Sean  USA

Excellent layout, even a complete idiot like me understood it perfectly. - Brian, London

This is an excellent site exactly what I was looking for many thanks. - Mitchell, Essex

Very well laid-out site - thank you. - Will, Middlesex

Very good website will regularly check back!!! - Allen, Anglesey

In two words "Fantastic Site" - Robert, N. Ireland

Have had loads of response keep up the good work. Gary, Preston, Lancashire

Thank you for giving me a chance to advertise my bike. I was not sure if I wanted to advertise my bike but you guys changed my mind. Thank you. - Matt, Stockton California

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