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FAQ's and solutions to common problems.

[1] What password is needed?
The password you chose after returning from PayPal. It won't be the same as your PayPal password (unless you chose the same one for PayPal and Bike-Exchange - which we don't recommend you do). We don't share any information with PayPal - so passwords are not cross-compatible. Please see [3] below.

[2] I used to have a Username and Login - will this still work?
Your old Username is no longer valid. All members' details have been updated so that the email address used when paying by PayPal, original password (given by Bike-Exchange) is used for lookups.
For example, if you paid back in 2004 with an email address and we gave you a username: Temp and a password: pass
You now use your email address and the same password: pass to use the new system.

[3] I Just paid using PayPal - and my password doesn't work.
Please send us a mail here with your chosen password and we'll add you to our system. This is usually an automatic process, but occasionally a user doesn't return back to us from PayPal and consequently won't get the chance to add their details.

[4] I know my password - but it's just not working.
Please use the password reminder form here. It may be that you typed it differently to how you remember. The system will email you your password if we have your email address on record.


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