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I advertised on another free site and gave my email address. What can I do?
See if you can alter or delete it. Don't respond to any email asking for the condition of the bike or offering cashiers cheques - they are all scams.
SCAM email examples are below. 

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For Your Information: Example scam emails:

Number 1:


I am ken white,i'm interested in buying Yamaha MOTO 4,that goes for 
675 but right now i am in CANADA to buy some goods for my company in 
I will like to know the present condition and also
like to know if you will accept banks cashier cheque.
hope to hear from you soon.

Number 2:

Good Day,
my name is raymon,i am located in west africa, i am highly interested in buying your advertised bike, please let me know if you can
ship to west africa if not i will arrange with one of my client shipping agency and i will like to know the final offering price and the
recent pics for the bike,and i will also like you to provide me with the present condition of the bike listed.please let me hear from you
as soon as possible so as to make this transaction very fast and my mode of payment is a cashier's check drawn in uk
please if that is okay by you, let me hear from you soon.


Number 3: 

Thanks a lot for your response.I am still very much interested in your bike
.I'm willing to pay 920 for the bike .I'm presently located in Holland but
not to worry everything will go on well.As regards the shipping I contact a
shipping company they will be contacting you as soon as you have the
payment,you are to send the balance so they can be on ground to pick up the
bike as soon as we seal this transaction.As regards the payment,there is a
client of mine in the UK that is owing me 5,500.00 pounds I would instruct
him to make out a cashiers check to you although the money is more than the
value of the bike but i am willing to trust you with the money.As soon as
you have payment you can send the remaining balance to the shipping agent
via western union money transfer.
The reason why i am doing this is because it would take a least 30 days for
a money sent from over here to clear whereas it would only take between 2-3
days for a money sent within the UK to clear.And this is the fastest way for
me to send money to you now. If my terms is acceptable to you,please mail me
the following informations so that i can instruct my client to send the
money to you as soon as possible.The name of the recipient of the
check,address and cell and land phone number. Thanks in anticipation.

Spotting them: (It's not that difficult)

They will have several key components which make them very obvious:

Cashiers cheque
'I will like'
Successful business man
'I will like to know the present condition..., the last price...'
Bad spelling
Bad grammar
They want to buy without even seeing
They are buying for someone else
arrange shipping
They offer you more than you're asking, and they want the bike and the difference in money
Someone who owes them money will buy it off you

The best advice is to delete the response - don't reply to it. You shouldn't get any of these scams by advertising on If you think you have got one through advertising with us, please let us know immediately so we can take the appropriate action.




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