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Searching the adverts.

At, we offer free advertising which is safe and secure, allows you to upload, edit and delete your advert and lets you to choose how you want to be contacted by interested parties. We have put a lot of effort into making the site as scam-free as possible with our custom response filters and email verification - but please make sure you are vigilent.

Here's how some of the main features work:

The Bike Search feature (there's a US and a UK one) can be used to find adverts by various attributes, such as make, model, type and engine size. Results of searches will be listed as below. Some categorised pages that list bikes by a certain category (such as all the scooter, all the Yamaha, all the Kawasaki KX etc) will show adverts like the one below where the text contains hypertext links to other pages. In the example, clicking Suzuki will take you to all the Suzuki's, GSXR will show you all the GSXR's, Berkshire - all the bikes we have for sale in Berkshire etc.

Each advert is listed in brief on the category or search result pages, and further details about it can be found by clicking the More_motorcycle_advert_details icon. This will list the up to date details that we have for the advert, because this new page is made from data stored in a database - and as advertisers update information on their advert - so this page will be updated. The text, price and picture can all be updated and might be different from the 'brief' form advert that was initially clicked, and the last time of updating will be displayed. 

It's possible that some older adverts may still be on the site - it's also possible that the bikes are still for sale, as with free advertising, people sometimes list their bikes to see whether they could sell them while not actually being in a hurry to sell.

Contacting an advertiser.

We don't publish the email addresses or telephone numbers of our advertisers. We did when we started, but it was soon apparent that scammers were using the data to send emails to our advertisers, and were trying to cheat them out of money and their bikes.

If you decide you want to contact the advertiser, there are a few options:

 1. Leave them a message on their advert page
Telephone them
Email them

Leaving the advertiser a message/question.

Clicking this icon on any advert will take you to a page where you can leave a message or ask a question about the advert. You will need to sign up for a free account to do this - no details about you are stored or shared - we just need you to enter a valid email address, which you will have to reply to to enable the account. With this free account, you can also look up some telephone numbers where the advertiser wanted us to make their number available. If the telephone number is available, you can look it up by clicking this link [Get telephone no.]. All telephone lookups are logged in case we have a scammer or canvassers misusing the system.

Once you have an account and post a question, the advertiser will be sent an email by us letting them know that a question has been asked about their advert - and hopefully they will answer it.


You can use the free account described above to get some telephone numbers. If the advertiser wanted us to keep their number safe, then this line will be displayed next to the telephone field: 
Provided - but only available to lookup account holders [Please click here to get an account] 

If they didn't actually leave a number, then this message is displayed: 
[Telephone number was not provided by the advertiser]


To send an email to a seller, you will need to clear a PayPal security check, or to put it another way, we need to take a payment off you to make sure that you're who you say you are. There are 3 options for the account: 
2 weeks unlimited lookups,
15 lookups-unlimited time
Unlimited messages, lifetime account.
Having any of the accounts will allow you to send an email to any seller of any advert, and to lookup protected telephone numbers. You gain access to the message service, and the telephone lookup by clicking the icon for the relevant advert.

Emailing a friend. You can click this icon to send the page link of any advert to somebody you know.

If you're an advertiser.

Finding your advert. 

Please note that your advert will not be live immediately after you post it. We will need to process it, check it and place it. You'll get a confirmation email sent to you when we process it, and a few hours after receiving the mail, your advert will be live.

Your advert can be found by using the link that was in the confirmation email the you received from us.

You can also find your advert reference number by going to this page and selecting the [Get reference no.] link on it. You will then type in your email address, and your advert's reference number will be returned. You can then fill in the update form with your reference number, email address and PIN number (chosen when you filled in the original advert form), and gain access to your advert update system.

Once in the update system, you will have several options, as shown above:

  • Changing your contact details, telephone number, town, county, price etc.

  • Altering the advert text (Please don't include telephone numbers, email addresses etc)

  • Changing the picture - uploading a new one or replacing the current one, choosing a library picture or not having any.

  • Viewing and replying to messages or questions that people have left for you - please don't disclose your contact information in replies as we have no control over who sees it and what they use it for.

  • Deleting your advert when you've sold.


Help with writing your advert.

At, we've decided to add your adverts to our pages manually, rather than using a self implementation system. This means we have a lot more work to do, but does mean that we can check adverts as we include them. This gives us the chance to correct any spelling and grammar, and assemble the advert in a way that gives each advert a standard look. It also reduces the chance of bogus advert and scams (bad language, links to non related sites etc.) from being included.

Sending an advert is very easy - just follow the most appropriate link in the menu on the left (available on most pages). There are different forms to add motorcycle and spares and wanted/for sale adverts. You get the chance to include a picture of your bike while you are filling in the motorcycle for sale form.

We need a valid email address from you - please type this carefully and check it. We get a large amount of invalid addresses and are unable to contact the advertiser or include the advert.

Try and fill in all the relevant information on the form as it helps to be as concise as possible - for instance, you could include your village or town name in the location panel so buyers know how far they need to travel.

When writing your advert, give as much information as you can. Buyers will be interested in things like:

  • Age

  • Colours

  • Service history

  • Modifications

  • Condition

  • Security devices

...and will probably be put off by a short advert with few details (it gives the impression that you are trying to hide information).

Good luck with your advert - we hope you get a quick result and enjoy FREE advertising.





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