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Comment system explained

A comment/lookup account enables you to comment on any advert on the site, and to get the telephone number where the advertiser has chosen to publish it.

It is totally FREE to set up and run - and will enable you to use more features that we'll be introducing in the future:

  • Picture uploads and commenting
  • Scam voting
  • Create your own space and invite others to join.
  • Review bikes and products with the chance of winning prizes
  • Ask for or give advice in our virtual garages

We will just ask you to provide a user name and a valid email address during sign up. 
We never sell or share any of your details with any 3rd party. We won't contact you with any offers or product information. We're quite happy to reply to any queries you have - but we won't be poking our noses in otherwise.

Using the comment system.
An example from the comments page showing the lower half of a fictitious advert and the first 3 comments that have been left.


The [Logged in: ] box lets you know that you are currently logged in, and able to send comments and to look up telephone numbers. You always have the option to [Log out] - but in general, it's not necessary, as you will have to retype your username and key in the next time you want to use the system.

The Administrator message appears at the top of every comment list, and has a link to the comment rules. Please make sure you read and agree with them prior to joining.

The Telephone: field shows that this advertiser has chosen to only allow email lookup account holders to view their telephone number, so a comment account will not retrieve this number.

Messages left by the advertiser will have 'Message left by: Advertiser of this bike' as the user.

The [X] next to a message left by you will allow you to delete it, you will get a confirmation yes/no dialogue box.

You can report any message as unsuitable (abuse, excessive bad language, hatred, religious views etc.) by clicking on the [Report as unsuitable] link. You can only vote for any particular message once, and whilst logged in. If 3 independent votes are received for one message, it will be deleted and the sender's reputation will be decreased by 1%.

[100%] - This is the sender's reputation. Every new member starts at 100. Every time a user's comment is deleted after receiving 3 votes by separate users - their reputation will decrease by 1%. Reputations will be increased by 1% for every 25 comments sent by a user up to a max of 100%. Users will be banned if their reputation falls below 50%.

A number showing the number of posts made by a user will appear in the information bar, along with the time of posting.

If a user holds a full lookup account (i.e. allowing secure telephone and email lookups), they will have a  Verified  in their information bar.

Messages appear in the list as newest first.

You can only vote messages as unsuitable, and delete your own adverts if you are logged in.

User names and keys are all unique to prevent confusion. Key digits consist of the letters a to f (lower case) and the numbers 0 to 9 only. User names are case sensitive and can include capitals - i.e. JOHN is not the same as john or jOhN etc.

Other key points:

  1. No contact details, ages or gender concerning our users are disclosed on the system by Bike-Exchange.
  2. This system is not a means of communicating with an advertiser. To contact an advertiser by email or by telephone (where they chose not to publish their number) - you need to arrange a lookup account. Please click any 'Email the advertiser' link. The advertiser may or may not monitor their advert's comment page.
  3. You should not disclose personal or contact details on this system - it is intended to be used as a means of commenting on adverts, or on the bikes featured in adverts.
  4. The system is user governed, but we can become involved if anyone has any issues that need to be resolved.
  5. All accounts must be activated via a clickable link sent to the email address given to us in the initial registration.
  6. Messages containing email addresses or possible scam enquiries to adverts will result in the sender being banned until we review the case.
  7. All telephone number lookups are logged to prevent the system being used by scammers and canvassers. We monitor the system.
  8. If you are temporarily or otherwise banned from the system - your comments will not be visible by you or any other users.
  9. When an advert is deleted - all comments relating to the advert will be deleted.

Please let us know if you need any further help or information regarding the system. It is new, so we're expecting a few teething problems.